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David Bennetts, a Chartered Meteorologist from the UK, was interviewed by Blogactiv at the European Business Summit in Brussels. Mr Bennetts had asked the panel a question and discusses the question, response, climate change and carbon capture and storage below. If you have an opinion on this subject, please leave your comments in the box… » read more

Posted by Stuart Langridge

On Friday 27th March, Dr Stephan Singer spoke to Blogactiv. Dr Singer is Global Energy Policy Director for the WWF and is based in their Brussels office. Dr Singer was a participant in Workshop XIV at EBS 2009, which was Moderated by Frederic Simon, Editor of EurActiv.com. If you would like to levae your thoughts… » read more

Posted by Stuart Langridge

Will Obama outgreen Europe?

While the EU 27 worked towards the adoption of groundbreaking climate change legislation in 2008, US President-elect Barack Obama made ambitious commitments to tackle global warming during his presidential campaign. Ahead of international talks on a post-Kyoto climate deal, EurActiv asked experts whether Obama will outgreen Europe. The question provoked mixed responses, with some interviewees… » read more

Posted by EurActiv Correspondent