Dare and Care

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Introduction In the developed world, immigration policies have had mixed success. Migrations have been accepted and even encouraged as an economic and demographic necessity, but the failure of developed societies to integrate migrants has also led to social tensions and to a public backlash that populist politicians have successfully exploited in many countries. Whereas business… » read more

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Briefing Note For Workshop VII This Briefing Note has been prepared for Workshop VII of the 2009 European Business Summit. The workshop will run between 15.45 and 17.00 on Thursday 26th March 2009. This Briefing Note has been prepared by the Hedge Fund Group. The workshop will be moderated by Euronews and will include the… » read more

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The following briefing note has been prepared by the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium. The summit – titled Dare and Care – will be held on 26th and 27th March 2009. Please feel free to comment before and after the session about the topic below. Stuart Langridge Director of Blogactiv.eu 1. Introduction Definition of eco-innovation… » read more

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