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We were pleased to be able to interview Gerard Van Harten at the 2009 European Business Summit in Brussels. Mr Van Harten is Chairman of Dow Benelux. He spoke about policies relating to sustainability and the stance of Dow on these issues. If you would like to tell us your opinion, please leave a comment… » read more

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It seems that the UN is not happy with the way EU leaders have changed the wording of texts – so that they now are not aligned with the agreements made at Bali. Needless to say, these are important issues and the cause for concern if progress is to truly be made in slowing down… » read more

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Al Gore has pledged his support for a propsed TLD (Top Level Domain) which will be .eco for sites in the ecological field. This is an interesting development for the web and clearly a great boost of suport for .eco. The company which plans to make the application is actually called Dot Eco. One has… » read more

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1. Introduction • Commodities provide raw materials for processors, food and jobs for families and communities, and export earnings for governments. Commodities are often at the heart of local and sometimes national economies. • Commodity prices have historically been among the most volatile of international prices. Commodity price volatility is a big problem for producers… » read more

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