Dare and Care

Al Gore has pledged his support for a propsed TLD (Top Level Domain) which will be .eco for sites in the ecological field. This is an interesting development for the web and clearly a great boost of suport for .eco. The company which plans to make the application is actually called Dot Eco.

One has to ask, with the web so seemingly well-developed, whether new levels of domains will actually be of any use. If an organisation has a relatively successful .com already, will they feel the need to start again with a more targeted – but brand new – .eco domain? Perhaps this will turn into a brand-new form of domain spam. That, of course, is a wider question for the web and ICANN more specifically.

More interesting though, is that Mr Gore is willing to give his backing to such an idea in advance. The story can be found on the BBC website.

Stuart Langridge, Director of Blogactiv

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