Dare and Care

The result of a Eurobarometer survey presented in the European Parliament on 11 September 2008 found that the majority of the Europeans are highly concerned about climate change and are aware that they have to take measures to change their behaviour. According to 62 % of the respondents, after poverty, climate change scores number 2 in the list of most serious problems the world is currently facing.
Although being aware of the seriousness of the problem is a good starting point, this alone will not solve the problem. Many Europeans admit that they don’t have enough information about actions they could undertake to fight climate change.
Apparently, the result of this survey really attracted the attention of the Members of the European Commission. Margot Wallström, Vice-President of the European Commission, said: “Surveys of this kind are important components in our policy-making. It is striking to see that European citizens take the issue of climate change so seriously and it confirms our belief that continued, coherent EU action in this area is imperative”.

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