EBS 2009: Dr Ian Moore Talks About Recovery Plans For The European Economy

At European Business Summit 2009, Dr Ian Moore spoke to us about sustainability and the EU economy. He also discusses the REACH programme in some depth. Dr Moore is President and CEO of Momentive Performance Materials, an organisation involved in the silicones industry. If you would like to make your voice heard in this discussion, [...]

EBS 2009: Gerard Van Harten From Dow Benelux

We were pleased to be able to interview Gerard Van Harten at the 2009 European Business Summit in Brussels. Mr Van Harten is Chairman of Dow Benelux. He spoke about policies relating to sustainability and the stance of Dow on these issues. If you would like to tell us your opinion, please leave a comment [...]

EBS 2009: Dr Roland Strauss – Knowledge4Innovation

We spoke to Dr Roland Strauss at the 2009 European Business Summit. Dr Strauss was representing Knowledge4Innovation and discusses the aims of the organisation.

To read the coverage of EurActiv.com on this issue, please use the following link: Europe wasting billions by duplicating research

EBS 2009: Hans van der Loo Interviewed By Blogactiv

On Thursday 26th March, Hans van der Loo, Head of European Union Liason with Shell International spoke to us at European Business Summit. Mr van der Loo was a participant in Workshop XV which was titled “Skills and innovation: fostering EU human capital“. Should you have an opinion you wish to share, please leave your [...]

EBS 2009: Hamad AlAmmari Speaks To EurActiv.com

At the 2009 European Business Summit, Christophe Leclercq, Publisher of EurActiv.com, spoke to Hamad AlAmmari from the Arab Thought Foundation.

If you would like to leave your thoughts, please comment in the box below.

EBS 2009: Arndt Kirchhoff, Chair of the SME Committee of BusinessEurope Speaks To EurActiv

On Friday 27th March, Arndt Kirchhoff Chair of the SME Committee for BusinessEurope was interviewed by Christophe Leclercq, Publisher of EurActiv. They had both been involved in Workshop X at the 2009 European Business Summit – titled, “SMEs:red tape or red carpet?“. In the interview below, he discusses points raised during their session and topics [...]

EBS 2009: David Bennetts, Chartered Meteorologist, Speaks About Climate Change

David Bennetts, a Chartered Meteorologist from the UK, was interviewed by Blogactiv at the European Business Summit in Brussels. Mr Bennetts had asked the panel a question and discusses the question, response, climate change and carbon capture and storage below. If you have an opinion on this subject, please leave your comments in the box [...]

EBS 2009: Christian Weinberger Speaks To EurActiv.com

On Thursday 27th March, Christian Weinberger spoke to EurActiv.com Publisher, Christophe Leclercq at EBS 2009. Mr Weinberger had just taken part in Workshop X at EBS 2009 – titled “SMEs: red tape or red carpet?“. Mr Weinberger works for the Enterprise and Industry Directorate General of the European Commission in Brussels as an Entrepreneurship and [...]

EBS 2009: Nobuo Tanaka Speaks To Blogactiv

On Thursday 26th March, Blogactiv spoke to Nobuo Tanaka. Mr Tanaka is Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. He was in Brussels to speak at Workshop VIII – titled “The last energy crisis” – at EBS 2009. If you have an opinion about this interview or session that you would like to share, please [...]

EBS 2009: Dr Adrian van den Hoven Speaks To Blogactiv

On Thursday 26th March, Blogactiv spoke to the Director of the International Relations Department of BusinessEurope. Dr van den Hoven moderated Workshop I – titled Protectionism: an increasing concern? – at EBS 2009. The session included Pascal Lamy, Director General of the WTO and Baroness Ashton, EU Commissioner for Trade. If you have an opinion [...]

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